Dog Pooper Scoopers
Serving Metro Phoenix

We Deal With The Poop – You Don’t

Dog Waste Removal Made Easy

Regular & Reliable Poop Removal Service

We proudly serve the Phoenix Metro area with dependable and professional service every time

Fresh Odor Treatment Solutions

Removing pet waste is the first step.  We offer a fresh and clean odor treatment solution that makes your yard enjoyable again

One-Time Or Weekly Service Options

We have flexible service options for you.  Choose one-time service or weekly & bi-weekly visits

We Cleanup Any Type of Yard - Grass, Turf, Dirt

No matter what type of yard surface your dog goes on, we can clean it up and leave it looking fresh and clean.

No More Bad Smells From Your Yard

Open your windows again or step out onto your back patio.  We remove the unsightliness of dog poo and the smell that goes with it.

Serving The Phoenix Metro Area

Professional Dog Pooper Scoopers

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